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Guide to obtaining preferential tariff treatment when importing goods under the RCEP Agreement

Procedural overview

Claiming the preferential tariff rates available under the RCEP Agreement in relation to goods intended for import into Japan is a process involving three major steps, as well as the satisfaction of criteria relating to direct consignment.

Countries where the RCEP Agreement has entered into force: Japan, Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Korea, Lao PDR, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam
Countries where the RCEP Agreement has not yet entered into force: Myanmar

Step 1. Confirm that preferential tariff rates have been stipulated in relation to the good intended for import into Japan

Confirmation can be accomplished through the use of the Tariff Schedule in combination with the HS Codes and Subdivision assigned to a given good.

Step 1

Step 2. Confirm that the good was produced in a Party and is treated as an originating good under the RCEP Agreement

To be treated as an originating good, the good must satisfy one of the following criteria:
 (a) A wholly obtained or produced good
 (b) A good produced exclusively from originating materials
 (c) A good which satisfies the applicable Product-Specific Rule

Step 2]

A good which fails to meet the applicable Product-Specific Rule is nevertheless treated as an originating good if it qualifies under one of the following provisions.
  -De Minimis

Alternative pathways to originating status under Step 2

Step 3. Prepare and submits the documents required to obtain preferential tariff treatment to Japan Customs upon import declaration

The documents required for submission vary according to the method utilized to provide documentary evidence of origin.

Step 3

Direct Consignment

This rule determines whether an RCEP originating good has retained originating status throughout its transport to Japan.

Direct Consignment


-Declaration of Origin [Self-Certification (Self-Declaration)](Sample  Instructions
-Attachment for the Declaration of Origin [Self-Certification (Self-Declaration)] (Sample: Japanese / EnglishInstructions
-Certificate of Origin [Third-party certification system] (Sample  Instructions

2.RCEP Agreement
-Legal text of the Agreement
(Refer to Chapter 3 for the text concerning Rules of Origin and Operational Certification Procedures)
 3A Product-Specific Rules
 3B Minimum Information Requirements

3.Product-specific rules search portal

4.Schedule of Tariff Commitments

5.Interpretation Rules for Rules of Origin

6.Tariff schedule

7.Outline of Tariff Classification

8.Advanced Ruling
-Tariff classification

9.Origin verification

10.Other materials(Rules of Origin Portal
-RCEP Agreement: Guideline on Self-Certification System (Japanese only)
-RCEP Country of Origin
-RCEP Agreement: Tariff Differential Manual (Japanese only)