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1.“Inquiries and comments” on the import/export customs procedures and the like.

There is the “Customs Answer in internet version” service that can be read from this homepage.

In addition, the “Customs Counselor (Office)” is established in the Customshouses to respond to inquiries and comments on common import/export procedures and the like. It is recommended to ask nearby customs advisor without reserve. The homepage of each customs house can be read when the name of the customs house is clicked.


E-mail Address List [Customs Couselor]
CustomsE-mail Address
Okinawa Regional [Public Relations Office]

2.Inquiry on “Tariff classification (tax number) or tariff rate of the cargo which is scheduled to import

There is the “Prior instruction system” as a system in which the importers and other related parties can inquire the tariff classification (tax number) or tariff rate of the cargo that is scheduled to import from the customs previously and receive the answer. Refer to the “ Prior instruction system ” page in detail.

Also, the prior instruction can be made using the E mail.

3.“Comments and impressions” on the contents carried in this homepage

The comments and impressions and the like in the contents carried in this homepage will be sent to this address by an electronic mail.


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