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Trade shall be done at designated ports and airports

  There are many ports and airports in our island country. Among these, the ports and airports through which ships and airplanes can freely come and go for the purpose of international trade are designated by ordinance and referred to as either an open port or customs airport.
  Today, there are 118 open ports and 21 customs airports with each having a customs office such as a branch customs or sub-branch customs. In addition, the post office, which handles international mail, is called a customs clearance post office in each of which there is also a sub-branch customs office.

Jurisdiction District of Tokyo Customs

The jurisdiction district of Tokyo Customs covers the Metropolis of Tokyo, Saitama Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture, Yamagata Prefecture, and the part of Chiba Prefecture which includes Narita Airport and Tokyo Air Cargo City Terminal (Ichikawa-shi).
Within the jurisdiction district of Tokyo Customs, there are 5 open ports (Keihin, Niigata, Kashiwazaki, Naoetsu, and Sakata) and 3 customs airports (Narita, Haneda, and Niigata). In these ports and airports, approximately 2,300 staff work to provide customs services for import/export cargoes and passenger baggage and to prevent smuggling.

 Picture:Jurisdiction District of Tokyo Customs