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OJT(On-the-Job Training)

 On-the-job training (OJT) is conducted by senior officers or supervisors with regard to their subordinates in their day-to-day work at their workplaces. The advantages of OJT are (1) it is suitable for improving practical abilities, and (2) it is low-cost and can be custom-made, compared to other forms of training.
 In the case of new recruits, for example, all new recruits take Off-the-Job-Training in the introductory course at the Central Office of the CTI, first. Then, after completion of this introductory course, they are allocated to their workplaces and take OJT to acquire practical skills and knowledge necessary in day-to-day work.
 When an official is transferred to another field of work, initial OJT is conducted by his/her senior officials after the newly assigned official takes up his/her post.