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Outline of CTI

The Customs Training Institute (CTI) is the organization under the Ministry of Finance and has the responsibilities specified in the article 70 of Regulation concerning the Organization of Ministry of Finance as follows,

  1. to conduct necessary training for Customs officials
  2. to conduct international cooperation concerning training on Customs duty, tonnage due and special tonnage due and Customs administration

Picture1:Customs Training Institute

CTI has its central office in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, and 9 regional offices where Customs headquarters are located.
The training conducted by CTI aims at

  1. the enhancement of the level of Customs officials’ culture and cultivation of sensibilities desirable as good members of society, as well as high ethics, common sense and a sense of mission; and
  2. enabling Customs officials to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, and the ability to apply them, so that Customs officials can adequately adapt themselves to the changing environment surrounding Customs, as well as being able to handle Customs work promptly and properly, thereby improving the quality of Customs administration.

In addition, CTI holds training courses for Customs officials from developing countries under the Japan Customs Technical Co-operation Program in cooperation with Customs and Tariff Bureau and regional Customs.

Picture2:Outline of CTI