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Role of the CCL

Goods imported from foreign countries to Japan are examined by the Customs Clearance Division in Customs, with the duty levied on the basis of the goods category. Customs are duties levied for imported goods for the purpose of protecting domestic industries. Imported goods are classified by item or type, materials or ingredients used, and degree of processing, with the duty rate levied determined on the basis of each of these factors.

Most of the imported items are classified into categories by Customs Clearance Division in the Customs. If the Customs Clearance Division cannot determine the category of an imported item from its physical appearance, the Analysis Division examines the type and composition of the ingredients used in it. The result is used for determining the category of the imported item. However, new materials have been appearing with greater frequency in imported items. Accordingly, there has been an increase in the number of new materials which are difficult or impossible to analyze at the Analysis Division. The Central Customs Laboratory analyzes imported items of which materials are difficult or impossible to analyze by the Analysis Division. Accurate analysis is very important for maintaining fair duty assessment.

The Central Customs Laboratory (CCL) is a governmental facility in charge of chemical analysis that requires highly sophisticated knowledge and high-performance analysis equipment. The CCL focuses on "requested analysis" from the Customs, Customs and Tariff Bureau, and other international organizations such as the World Customs Organization (WCO). The CCL also focuses on "research and development" in the area of analysis procedures for new materials and illicit drugs, and in the areas of equipment used to detect contraband, such as illicit drugs and firearms. In addition, the CCL provides "technical guidance" such as training personnel for the Analysis Division of Customs and providing training programs for overseas chemists to contribute to the improvement in this field on a global basis, and the further development of analysis technology.

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