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Pilot of the integrated KIOSKs at Haneda Airport Terminal 2

 Integrated KIOSKs have been installed at Haneda Airport's Terminal 2, and a pilot has been ongoing since January 31, 2024.
 Until March 31st, availability was limited to the hours between 3:00p.m. and 9:00 p.m. However, as a general rule, since April 1st, 2024, the Kiosks have been available all day long.

Purpose of installation

The integrated KIOSK will enable the simultaneous submission of passport information, facial photographs (plus fingerprints for foreign nationals in immigration procedures), and declaration information, which were previously provided to Japan Customs and the Immigration Services Agency (hereinafter immigration), respectively, to eliminate duplication in customs and immigration procedures and reduce total time.


How to use

1. Electronic declaration from Visit Japan Web

Please log in to "Visit Japan Web" and follow the instructions to complete the declaration.
A 2D code is created that contains information for customs and immigration declarations.


For more information on Visit Japan Web, please refer to the website of the Digital Agency.

2. Procedures at integrated KIOSKs

 By scanning the 2D code and IC passport at integrated KIOSKs and following the instructions, the necessary information for customs and immigration procedures can be provided electronically all at once.
At this time, integrated KIOSKs will take a photo of the passenger in the process and match it with the facial image on the IC passport to verify the passenger's identity.
* The face photos are used only for the purposes of identification at the Terminal and facial recognition at the gate, and deleted immediately after passengers pass through the gate.
When the procedure is completed at integrated KIOSKs, the alphabet (a, b, c) is displayed. Please follow the alphabetical marks indicated and proceed to Customs and Immigration.

3. Immigration procedure

 Integrated KIOSKs users can promptly complete immigration procedures at a dedicated booth.

4. Customs procedure

  Passengers who have completed the formalities at integrated KIOSKs and do not need to undergo customs inspection can pass through the electronic gate by facial recognition.
 Passengers who have completed the formalities at integrated KIOSKs and are deemed not to require customs inspection may pass through an electronic gate with facial recognition.


  • It is necessary to have an IC passport for the e-Gate.
  • All passenger, including family or any group members, must complete the procedures at the terminal, one by one.
  • Due to the system, persons under 135 cm in height are not eligible
  • Face photos are taken for the purposes of identification at integrated KIOSKs and facial recognition at the gate, and therefore passengers are required to take off masks, sunglasses, or any item covering face.
  • After completing to entry procedures at integrated KIOSKs, passengers may be required to go to the customs inspection desk for additional procedures, for example, in the cases of personal effects beyond the duty-free allowance or unaccompanied articles.
  • It is recommended to face the front and walk slowly at the gate.
  • Passengers are able to pass through the gate with carts.
  • Integrated KIOSKs are also available for wheelchair users.
  • A wheelchair-user can pass through the gate on the wheelchair.

PR Movie

    Customs and Immigration procedures with KIOSK in one!




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