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Special System for Okinawa

With the return of Okinawa to Japan, the Okinawa Tariff Action Program has been established to help build up the Okinawa tourist industry, protect and boost the local business and stabilize the living environment of Okinawan people.
The Tariff Action Program contributes greatly to the Okinawa economic development.

Okinawa Regional Duty Free Shop System

-You can purchase tax exempt imported products at reasonable price.-

What is Okinawa Regional Duty Free Shop System?

It was made in April 1998, by the Okinawa Promotion Special Measure, and is summarized as follows.

  1. The Products Subject to Exemption
  2. As to imported products which are purchased from a retail dealer approved by the Director General of Okinawa Regional Customs, domestic travelers from Okinawa to mainland Japan can purchase them at Customs duty free prices with an allowance of 200,000 yen.

  3. 2. Where to Purchase
  4. Naha Airport Domestic Terminal or the designated shop in the city(designated by the Prime Minister).

  5. 3. Purchasers
  6. Domestic travelers from Okinawa to mainland Japan(The boarding passes of the airplane will be checked when they purchase the products.).

Picture:Schematic of Okinawa Regional Duty Free Shop System

Free Trade Zone System

Picture:Map of Okinawa

Free Trade Zone in Okinawa is a mixture of the Hozei Area System regarding the Customs Law, which is based on the Okinawa Promotion Special Measure and the preferential treatment of finance and taxation system on the local business. It is the only area designated in Okinawa, which promotes the business and trading.

Functions of Free Trade Zone are as follows

  1. Process•Produce…process, produce and assemble raw materials, parts and semi-manifactured goods.
  2. Transit•Storage…store foreign cargoes temporarily and import or export to overseas depending on the market.
  3. Quality•Adjustment…inspect, test, remodel, adjust and complete foreign products.
  4. Exhibition•Business Negotiation…Exhibit foreign cargoes and make use of them in a business negotiation.
Picture:Flow Chart of Free Trade Zone System

The System Approved Only In Free Trade Zone

Selective Tariff System

When you import the raw materials or the products processed or manufactured in Free Trade Zone, you can select the lower tariff rate imposed on them.
Generally, outside the Free Trade Zone, the raw materials tax rate is imposed on the importers, but the selective tariff system tariff enables them to choose the products tax rate if it is lower than that of the raw materials.It will give them an advantage because they can reduce the payment of tariff.