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Emergency Countermeasures to “Stop Gold Smuggling”

November 7, 2017


  • Need for prompt and smooth customs clearance of an increasing volume of passengers and cargo
  • Increasing number of gold smuggling cases for the purpose of consumption tax evasion detected: 811 cases, about 2.8 tons (2016) → 976 cases, about 4.5 tons (Jan.–Sep. 2017)
  • Possibility that cases detected by Customs are just the tip of the iceberg, and a considerable volume of profit is flowing into criminal organizations

Travelers from foreign countries (10,000 people)Gold smuggling to obtain profits(example)

      Fundamental and emergency countermeasures are needed to prevent gold smuggling

Basic Ideas

  • Prompt and smooth customs clearance, and wide and strict regulatory measures against smuggling
  • Comprehensive countermeasures in cooperation with relevant agencies
  • Prompt implementation of fundamental and emergency countermeasures

I. Strengthening Inspections

  • Strengthening inspections of passengers, commercial cargo, international mail and aircraft
  • Installing metal detector gates and increasing the number of X-ray machines to conduct efficient inspections
  • Cracking down on smuggling by sea using customs boats

II. Tightening Penalties

  • Strictly issuing notifications
  • Cooperating with the police, the Public Prosecutors Office, the Japan Coast Guard and other relevant agencies to increase the number of accusation
  • Organizing the Special Investigation Team at Tokyo, Osaka and Moji Customs
  • Tightening penalties

III. Enhancing the Collection and Analysis of Information

  • Collecting information from related persons and citizens (using the Smuggling Hotline)
  • Sharing information and cooperating with relevant regulatory agencies in and outside of Japan
  • Strengthening ability of information analysis
  • Ensuring compliance with distribution channels in Japan

  Enhancing Publicity Activities and Strengthening Systems


Press Release(The Customs and Tariff Bureau of the Ministry of Finance)

      November 7, 2017