Coordination Division

Comprehensive coordination of jurisdiction affairs of the CCL

Research and Planning Section

Introduction of Analytical Technique, General Affairs, Research and Planing

Special Officer for Co-ordination of International Affairs

Coordination of International Affairs(specific for chemical Analysis)

First Analysis Section

  • Analysis of products using minerals and/or clays, inorganic compounds, and precious metal products
  • Analysis of natural and synthetic resins, natural and synthetic rubbers, fabric, and paper products

Second Analysis Section

  • Analysis of foodstuffs, agricultural and fisheries products, oils and fats, and food flavors
  • Analysis of meats and species

Third Analysis Section

  • Analysis of organic chemicals, surface-active agents, crude oil, petroleum products, refinement of oil and perfumery products, dyestuffs, and pigments
  • Analysis of illicit drugs, such as narcotics, stimulant drugs, and psychotropic drugs

Research and Development Section (First and Second)

  • Performance evaluation of detection inspection equipment for maintenance improvement and enhancement against increasingly complex and shrewd methods of smuggling
  • Examination of state of development of detection and inspection equipment of other countries
  • Research on detection equipment incorporating leading-edge technology in cooperation with private enterprises

The First Research and Development Section supports observation enforcement, and the Second Research and Development Section supports customs control.