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Inquiry and Opinion

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: 


Section in chargeTEL・FAX・E-mail

Office of Customs Counselor

For general information and questions about how to import/export merchandise into/from Japan, Customs clearance when traveling abroad and for international postal mail

TEL 078-333-3100

FAX 078-333-3147


Office of Classification

For questions about tariff classification and duty rates

TEL 078-333-3118

FAX 078-333-3147


Research and Statistics Section

For questions related to trade statistics available in our web sites

TEL 078-333-3065

FAX 078-333-3152

Smuggling Intelligence Investigator (Enforcement Division)

For reporting information on smuggling

Toll Free Dial 0120-461-961


Personnel Section

For career opportunities in Customs

TEL 078-333-3013

FAX 078-333-3129


Office of Customs Public Relations

For sending your comments and questions on our web site,Kobe Customs Exhibition Room, and Customs public affairs

TEL 078-333-3028

FAX 078-333-3123