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Trade Statistics

Foreign trade statistics, which are compiled by Customs collecting the data from import and export declarations, are some of the most important statistics as an economic indicators in Japan.
The trade statistics are highly valued for their accuracy and availability and are widely used for economic policies and business activities and planning.
The following statistics are available at the trade statistics reference room.

  • Japan Monthly Exports and Imports
    There are two lists: One is a list of export and import country statistics by major commodities; the other is a list of commodity statistics by major countries for export and import.
  • The Summary Report on Trade of Japan
    This report shows the total monthly values of exports and imports, the total monthly values of main exports and imports by major countries, and major commodities, and economic indicators.
  • The Yearly Report on Trade of Kobe Customs
    This is a summary report on trade within the Kobe Customs jurisdiction, which shows the total values of exports and imports by major ports of Kobe customs.
    Yearly reports of other Japanese Customs are also available.

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