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RSS Feeds

You can now subscribe to Japan Customs Press Releases through RSS feeds accessible through a third party RSS reader.

Please make sure you have an RSS reader installed before continuing. If you don't have one installed or you need more information regarding available readers, please refer the content provided in the section below "How to use RSS?".

Getting Started with RSS

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What is RSS?

"Really Simple Syndication," or RSS is a format that is commonly used to syndicate news items or marketing communications to news agencies. Many major news sites provide RSS feeds in order to provide up-to-date news information.

How to use RSS ?

In order to access RSS content you must install an RSS reader. Please download an RSS reader or aggregator and follow the setup instructions provided by the third party.

Important Information

    • We are not responsible for any RSS reader software you download to access this service.
    • For maintenance, RSS Feeds may stop without a notice. We appreciate your understanding.