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9103 Outline of Customs Brokers (FAQ)

   Any person who wishes to export or import goods shall give the name, quantity, value and other necessary information about the goods to the Director-General of Customs, and obtain permission after the necessary inspections. However, customs clearance procedures require expert knowledge. Many exporters and importers utilize customs brokerage services to save time and reduce the technical burden, rather than do the work by themselves.

  Undertaking customs clearance for the account of or on behalf of any exporter or importer upon request is customs brokerage service. The said clearance procedures include export/import declaration, tax payment, and petition of objection, etc. Those who intend to offer customs brokerage services must be approved by the Minister of Finance. The authorized people who undertake customs clearance are called customs brokers.

 (Reference) ・9104 Overview of Customs Brokers (FAQ)

(Article 2 and Article 3 of the Customs Brokerage Law)

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