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3001 Personal Import (FAQ)

   There is no legal definition of personal import, but in general, it is regarded as a direct purchase of foreign goods from overseas mail order companies, retailers, manufacturers and others by an individual for the purpose of personal use.

Forms of personal import are:
(1)An importer himself/herself places orders to foreign mail order companies, retailers or manufactures and imports directly from them.
(2)An importer places orders to an import agent and imports goods via the agent.

Means of transportation are:
(1)Use of international postal service;
(2)Use of international courier service; and
(3)Use of surface mail or airmail as a general cargo.

  In any case, since personal import is direct trade with foreign countries, please be fully aware of the risks involved; for instance, you need to deal with shopping problems, such as the wrong size ordered or damage, etc.
  Also, please make sure that there are no import prohibited articles.


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