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1310 Outline of the Multi Payment Network (FAQ)

  The Multi Payment Network is designed to notify the tax receiving agencies about the receipt of payment when utility bills, including telephone and gas charges as well as taxes, are paid to financial institutions and others. The network connects the tax receiving agencies, such as public authorities, local governments, and private companies with financial institutions by telecommunication lines, and payment information is passed to the relevant agencies via various channels, including PCs, mobile phones, and ATMs, etc., the Internet and other means.

  In the past, methods of payment of the customs duty and handling charges included the following:

(1)Payment at a financial institution after receiving a statement of payment and tax notice from the customs office;
(2)Payment at the counter of the customs office during the off-duty hours of the customs office, etc.; and
(3)Payment in stamp duty.
Now the following is made possible by using the Multi Payment Network:  
(4)  Payment using Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and ATMs of financial institutions, etc.

(Note)Provision of a tax payment service using the Multi Payment Network is left to the discretion of individual financial institutions. Please contact the relevant financial institution in advance to confirm the availability of the service, method of service provision, including channels, and operating hours, etc.
   An increase in the payment options is not the only advantage of this system. It also drastically reduces the time required for the import permit to be processed after the completion of the customs inspection by using telecommunication lines. Also, by combining electronic declaration with the electronic payment, it is possible to use telecommunication lines for a wide range of procedures from the application to the payment, which then enables an importer to file the customs paperwork without going to the pertinent section of the customs office.

   Please refer to the Code No. 1311 (tariff and the like) or 1312 (handling fee) for specific payment procedures using the Multi Payment Network.

For consultations on customs procedures, please contact the nearest Customs Counselor.
Please see No. 9301 for inquiries.