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1311 Payment of Tariff Etc., Using the Multi Payment Network (FAQ)

  Tariff and national consumption tax and others (hereinafter referred as “Tariff, etc.,") can be electronically paid by using the Multi Payment Network (This system is not applicable to the face-to-face payment of tariff, etc. on postal items, etc.).

  If you would like to pay the tariff, etc., using the Multi Payment Network, please indicate so when you file the customs declaration.

  When the customs inspection is complete, Notice Information on Payment Numbers describing the code number of the tax receiving agency (the number of the customs is 00120), payment number, and confirmation number, etc. will be sent or handed to you, in place of the statement of payment. Please copy the numbers since they are necessary when paying the tariff, etc. Then, please make payment through various channels in accordance with the given information.

  Please note the overdue tax shall be paid together with the due tax when an amended tax return is filed using NACCS or when comprehensive payment is made using the Comprehensive Extension System. Please also note that a receipt which used to be issued by financial institutions, etc., is no longer issued when payment is made using the Multi Payment Network.

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