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History of Yokohama Customs



The History of Yokohama Customs


The history of Yokohama Customs dates back to July 1st, 1859, when the port of Yokohama was opened to international trade. The predecessor of Yokohama Customs, "Kanagawa Unjosho" was established on that day. In 1872, "Kanagawa Unjosho" was restructured and subsequently became Yokohama Customs.




 Since its establishment more than 140 years ago, Yokohama Customs has been constantly monitored the nation's trade, enforced the proper trade practices and supported the sound economic growth of Japan.

  In the new era of the 21st century, Yokohama Customs continues its efforts in providing up-to-date Customs administration, and in playing a significant role in furthering the development of Japan.