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Picture:Panoramic photograph of Customs Training Institute
Brief history of Customs Training Institute (CTI)
1953 Establishment of CTI as the institution attached to the Ministry Of Finance (Central Office located at Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo and 8 Regional Customs headquarters buildings respectively)
Advanced course for level III officials started
1956 Removal of Central Office (from Chiyoda-ku to Yotsuya, Shinjyuku-ku)
1964 Removal of Central Office (from Yotsuya to Wakamatsu-cho, Shinjyuku-ku)
1965 Introductory course for level III officials started
1967 Introductory course for level I officials started
1968 Removal of Central Office (from Wakamatsu-cho to Ichigaya, Shinjuku-ku)
1971 Executive management course started
1972 Establishment of Okinawa Regional Office (as a result, 9 Regional offices totally)
1978 Introductory course for level II officials started
1989 Removal of Central Office (from Shinjyuku-ku to Kashiwa city, Chiba prefecture)
1990 Advanced English course started
1991 Computer course started
1996 Completion of Annex Dormitory building in June
1997 Setting up Training Department and Office of International Customs Co-operation Center
Other Foreign language courses started
2003 Specialized technical courses started
2004 Professional course for assistant supervisors started (Central office)
Professional course for unit chief officials started (Regional office)
CTI was designated as a WCO Regional Training Centre of WCO Asia Pacific Region
2005 Management leader course started
2006 Setting up International Training Division (Former Office of International Customs Co-operation Center)
2008 Training Department was changed to Training & Research Department

(note)CTI has become the organization of institution, etc. attached to the Ministry Of Finance by the reorganization in July 1984.

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