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Purpose of Training

The Customs, standing at the contact point of the international exchange of goods, people and cultures, plays an important role in such as collection of Customs duties and internal taxes, Customs clearance of import / export goods, inspection of travelers' baggage, control of the foreign trading vessels and aircrafts, and prevention of smuggling illicit drugs and firearms etc, and seizure of pirated articles etc.
To achieve these missions of the Customs properly and smoothly, the ability and the quality of each customs officials is the key factor. Thus conducting appropriate training for customs officials is indispensable to carry out implement customs works.

Picture1:Staff training

The training conducted by CTI aims at

  1.  the enhancement of the level of Customs officials’ culture and cultivation of sensibilities desirable as good members of society, as well as high ethics, common sense and a sense of mission; and
  2.  enabling Customs officials to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, and the ability to apply them, so that Customs officials can adequately adapt themselves to the changing environment surrounding Customs, as well as being able to handle Customs work promptly and properly, thereby improving the quality of Customs administration.

Picture2:Staff training

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