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The time series retrieval function will be restarted the Trade Statistics (Search)


March 10th, 2009

Ministry of Finance


Thank you for using our website of Trade Statistics.


After the renewal of “Trade Statistics(Search)” on Feb.15th 2009, we have recieved a lot of requests to provide time series data on the Search Page, because the time series data have been made unavailable on the Search Page, instead of having started the search by multiple selection of Commodities and Countries.


To meet these requests,Ministry of Finance has decided to add two types of search as follows, so that you can use the same functions as before the renewal.


Due to system maintenance, the “Trade Statistics(Search)” will not be available from 19:00 to 23:00 on March.10th, 2009.


We would really appreciate it if you could accept the inconvenience during the maintenance.
Thank you.


(The types of trade data to be added)


    • “Monthly Data for Commodity” for “Commodity Information” in “General Trade Statistics”
    • “Monthly Data for Principal commodity” for “Principal Commodity Information” in “General Trade Statistics”

On these types, time series data (monthly) will be available when you designate “year” that you would like to search for.

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