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There was an error on “Result of Search(Trade Statistics)” retrieved by a fiscal year (Apr.-Mar.) or a half of a fiscal year (Oct.-Mar.)


March 2, 2009

Ministry of Finance


There was a system error on the Trade Statistics (Search) renewed at 15:00 on Feb.15th, 2009. As a result, in the following information, incorrect results of search were provided when ”a fiscal year (Apr.-Mar.)” or “a half of a fiscal year (Oct.-Mar.)” were selected as a search condition for “designation of statistic year and month”
Please accept our sincere apology for your inconvenience this has caused.


(The erroneous information types)


    • General Trade Statistics, Commodity Information
      “Commodity by Customs”, “Values by Commodity”, “Customs by Commodity”
    • General Trade Statistics, Principal Commodity Information
      “Principal Commodity by Customs”, “Values by Principal Commodity”, “Customs by Principal Commodity”

The system error has been already corrected, and the corrected data is now available.
If you searched data under the above mentioned conditions between 15:00 on Feb. 15th and 20:30 on Feb. 27th, 2009, it is highly appreciated if you could search it again and confirm your previously searched data.

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