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Renewal of Trade Statistics (Search)


February 13, 2009

Ministry of Finance


Due to the renewal of Trade Statistics System, the page for search on this website will be improved.
The new page will be available from 15:00 on Feb. 15th, 2009.

On the new page, retrieval functions will be enhanced and better tools will be introduced to do more efficient and effective search as follows.


(Points of Improvement)


    1. Increase of the types of trade data
      The search for trade data of “Arrival of Vessels and Aircrafts” and “Special Trade” will be newly available, in addition to the expansion of the search range on “General Trade”.
      Consequently, the 38 types of trade data will be available compared to the current 15 types.

      Note: “Special Trade” includes trades of “goods in transit”, “gold coins and monetary gold” and “equipment and consuming goods loaded on ships or aircrafts engaged in external trade”.


    1. Search by multiple selection of various codes
      It will be possible to search trade data by setting more than one request in each search condition: Commodity Code, Principal Commodity Code or Country Code, though there has been a restriction under which only one request can be selected for a primary condition.


  1. Search for “Special Trade” (Detailed) data
    The monthly fixed data have been published once a year on the page for download. Moreover, the monthly detailed data of “Special Trade” will be published each month on the page for download and available on the page for search.
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