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Outline of FY2008 Customs and Tariff Policy Amendment

As of April, 2008

1. Improvement of the current expedited customs clearance procedure to enhance global competitiveness of Japan

(1)Expansion of the coverage of Authorized Economic Operators to customs brokers and forwarders
(2)Abolishment of the Overtime Customs Service fees
(Authorized Economic Operators - firms recognized by Customs to excel at security management and compliance)

2. Strengthening customs enforcement

(1)Prohibition of the transshipment of goods infringing intellectual property rights and child pornography
(2)Addition of relevant investigative provisions for (i) reference to private organizations and (ii)expert verification

3. Amendment of the tariff system on various goods

(1)Elimination of the tariffs on bio-ETBE (a temporary basis) and High-carbon Ferrochromium
(2)Inclusion of raw silk under the Tariff Rate Quota system

4. Extension of the effective periods of interim tariff rates and measures

(1)1-year extension:
   417 temporary tariff rates, Special Safeguard, Safeguard Measures for beef and pork 7
(2)3-year extension:
   - Tariff exemption for aircraft components
   - Tariff reduction for products made of goods that are originally exported for overseas processing or assembling

*To be enforced on April 1.2008, excluding 2(1) on June 1.2008, 2(2)(ii) on July 1.2008, and 3(2) on the day designated by a relevant Law.