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9601 Customs Clearance Procedures for Persons Living Abroad (FAQ)

  When any person living abroad conducts customs clearance, the importer shall designate a customs manager to do the work by proxy, filling in and submitting a predetermined form to the competent customs office, in advance.

  In this case, the customs manager shall file the export/import declaration, witness inspections, pay customs duties etc., and receive documents and tax refund from the customs office on behalf of the person living in abroad.

  The customs manager shall be a person who has address or residency in Japan (in the case of a corporate person, headquarters or major branch office in Japan). In the case where clearance procedures performed by a customs manager corresponds to the operations stipulated in Article 2 of the Law of Customs Brokerage, the customs manager shall be required to obtain a brokerage license.

(Article 95 of the Customs Law, Article 2 and Article 3 of the Law of Customs Brokerage)


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