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9206 Outline and Benefit of Authorized Logistics Operator's Program (FAQ)


  1. Summary of the Program

     The Authorized Logistics Operator's Program is a program for logistics operators possessing optimally developed cargo security control and compliance systems. The program enables application of exemption measures that streamline bonded shipping, possibly reducing the lead time in export/import cargo clearance.

  2. Advantages of the Program

     Approval as an authorized logistics operator allows application of the following exemption measures.

    (1)   With approval removed for each bonded shipment, the procedure is simplified, and the administrative burden is reduced
    (2)   In the shipment of export cargo, cargo commissioned by an exporter and declared by an authorized customs broker at a location other than a customs area on request of an exporter may be transported from the location directly to the port of loading, etc., reducing the lead time and cost.

Note: For further details on the Authorized Logistics Operator's Program, please check the Japan Customs website or inquire with the officer in charge of AEO Program at each customs office.

(Article 63-2, 67-3 of the Customs Act etc.)

For further information, contact the department in charge of the AEO Program


Hakodate Customs 0138-40-4254
Tokyo Customs 03-3599-6343
Yokohama Customs 045-212-6125
Nagoya Customs 052-654-4169
Osaka Customs 06-6576-3391
Kobe Customs 078-333-3071
Moji Customs 050-3530-8312
Nagasaki Customs 095-828-8628
Okinawa Regional Customs 098-862-9291

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