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8001 Outline of Registered Customs Specialist System (FAQ)

  In Japan, the Registered Customs Specialist System was adopted in 1967 when the Customs Brokerage Law was established in accordance with the shift to the self-assessment system for customs duty. Since then, the system has been playing an essential role in realizing the fast and accurate clearance of goods.

  The fast and accurate clearance of goods requires the correct filing of customs-related documents such as declarations submitted by customs brokers to Regional Customs offices.

  From this point of view, the Customs Brokerage Law stipulates that, in principle, registered customs specialists who have sufficient expertise and experience of customs brokerage must be assigned by customs brokers to each of their business places and examine declarations to be submitted to customs offices.

  A registered customs specialist refers to a person who passes the Qualifying Examination for Registered Customs Specialists that is the national examination, engages in customs brokerage, and takes the confirmation of the Minister of Finance by application of his/her employer.

(Articles 13, 14, 23, and 31 of the Customs Brokerage Law)

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