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6201 Procedures for Sending Postal Articles Overseas

  1. If posting an item worth less than ¥200,000

     Export declaration to the customs office is not necessary. Fill out the necessary information on the "Customs Notice," available at post offices of the Japan Post (hereinafter called "post office"). Attach the form to the postal item and submit it to the post office, for mailing.

     Post items submitted at a post office are sent to the customs clearance branch office of the Japan Post where a Japan Customs branch office is located (hereinafter called "customs clearance branch"). It undergoes customs inspection and is then sent overseas.

     If, at customs inspection, the item is found to require export approval or licensing under laws or regulations other than customs-related laws and regulations, a postcard titled "Customs Clearance Procedure for Export Post Items" will be sent to the sender from the customs office. Please follow the procedure described in the postcard.

  2. If posting an item exceeding ¥200,000 in value

     Because export declaration to the customs office is necessary, the sender is required to prepare the invoice and other documents necessary for export declaration. The export procedure may be commissioned to the Japan Postal Service or other customs brokers (hereinafter called "customs broker, etc."). Export declaration may also be conducted in person at the customs office. Regarding documents that must be submitted to the customs office in export declaration, please refer to Code 5009 "Documents Required for Export Declaration."

     After customs inspection is completed and export is approved, the item is sent overseas. When submitting the post item at a post office, the sender may be able to receive notice on customs clearance procedures at a post office counter.

  3. Advanced inspection of post items

     Advanced inspection at a Customs Office for Overseas Mail, etc., at a customs branch office or the local customs office is possible before submitting the post item worth less than ¥200,000 to the post office. This is called "advanced inspection." After completion, the customs office marks it with a seal of inspection of the post item. With this procedure, the item will be sent overseas after posting, without opening for inspection, as a general rule.

     Advanced inspection may also be conducted for items to be posted at post offices and worth more than ¥200,000 in value and requiring export declaration.

 When undergoing advanced inspection, export declaration can be done at the customs office in question. Please report export declaration to the customs office, when conducting advanced inspection.

 Furthermore, when an item is to be returned for being defective or unsatisfactory or when an item that has been exported for repair is to be re-imported, confirmation of the customs office is necessary at export. Advanced inspection is recommended in such cases in order to qualify for reduction or reimbursement of taxes, etc.

  ※  Please fill out the FOB price in the value columns.
      In principle, it is the price the contents.(ex. the purchase price of the contents)
  ※  When sending postal articles overseas, in details, please access to Japan Post’s website.
  ※  If you need the code for the contents used in the destination country when sending mail to a foreign country, please contact the consulate or embassy of the destination country. Please click here for information on foreign embassies in each country.

(Article 76, Customs Law; 76-2-1 through 78-2-2-2 of the Basic Notice of the Customs Law)


For consultations on customs procedures, please contact the nearest Customs Counselor.
Please see No. 9301 for inquiries.