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6106 Contacts for Inquiries Regarding Undelivered or Damaged International Postal Article


 For inquiries regarding undelivered post items, please read the following.

 Post items from overseas arrive at a customs clearance branch office of the Japan Post where a Japan Customs branch office is located (hereinafter called "customs clearance branch").

 If the post item is less than ¥200,000 in customs value, customs inspection is conducted. If, as a result of inspection, the item is found not to require approval or licensing based on provisions of laws other than customs-related laws and regulations and also found to be duty-free and free of excise taxes, the item in question is sent to the Japan Post office (hereinafter called "post office") for delivery to the recipient.

 However, items that require tax payments or require licensing or approval under other laws and regulations, "Notice of Customs Procedure for Post-Item Arriving from Overseas" or "International Post Item Taxation Notice" are sent to the recipient.

 If the value of a post-item exceeds ¥200,000 in customs value, the recipient receives a customs clearance notice from Japan Post.

 For this reason, post items for which such documents have not been delivered to the recipient must be deemed to have not arrived at the customs clearance branch. If the item has not arrived after a significant length of time, please inquire with your local post office.

 The following describes a situation in which a post item has been damaged.

 If damage is found in a post item upon delivery, please report this to the delivery personnel and have the item in question inspected at the post office, with post office personnel serving as witness. Also, if the item has been received at a post office, damage should be reported on the spot.

 Also, if damage is found after receipt of the item, please consult the post office, immediately. In such a case, it is necessary to keep the packaging material, etc., as it is.

(76-4-4 & 77-4-1 of the Basic Notice of the Customs Law)


For consultations on customs procedures, please contact the nearest Customs Counselor.
Please see No. 9301 for inquiries.