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3104 Importation of Rice(FAQ)


 In response to the GATT Uruguay Round Agreements, Japan shifted its rice importation system to a general tariff measure from an import license system in April 1999. Import clearance procedures for non-governmental entities are as follows:

1.For personal use (limited to 100kg/year for each person)
Report the importing quantity to the Regional Agricultural Administration Office etc. or the Plant Protection Station and submit the Report for the Import of Rice (use the copy for customs of the report in triplicate) to the customs office.
* Customs duty and consumption excise taxes are exempt.
2.In the case other than 1. above, excluding exempted Customs duty rice under Article 14, paragraph 1 of Article 15, paragraph 1 of Article 16, paragraph 1 of Article 19-2.
After submitted the Statement of Duty Payment to the Regional Agricultural Administration Office etc. made payment, file the import declaration with the copy of the statement of Duty Payment and the receipt of payment.

(Note 1)Importation of rice is subject to a plant inspection separately.
(Note 2)Please contact the nearest Regional Agricultural Administration Office etc. for how to make payment and import notification procedures for rice.


For consultations on customs procedures, please contact the nearest Customs Counselor.
Please see No. 9301 for inquiries.