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2501 Articles That Are Prohibited for Export


  Articles that are prohibited for export under the Customs Law are classified in the following four categories.

  1. Narcotics and psychotropic drugs, cannabis, opium and opium straw and stimulants (including raw materials for stimulants)
  2. Child pornography
  3. Articles which infringe patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, copyrights and neighboring rights, or plant breeder’s rights.
  4. Articles which constitute the unfair competition listed in Item 1 through 3, 10, 17 or 18, Paragraph 1, Article 2 of the Unfair Competition Prevention Law (excluding those listed in items 1 through 5, 7 or 9, Paragraph 1, Article 19 of the law)

  As for those articles listed in 1, 3 or 4, the Director-General of Customs may seize and dispose them.(Please note that goods that are recognized to be classified in 3 or 4 are to undergo procedures to determine whether there has been a violation of rights.)
  Additionally, the importer of goods that are recognized to be classified in 2 is to be notified of action to be taken.
  Also, please pay due attention that there are articles prohibited for export not only under the Customs Law but also under other laws such as the Plant Protection Act and the Act on Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control.

  (Article 69-2 through 69-10 and Article 70, Customs Law)


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