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4017 Elimination of Tariffs on Imported Goods under the Japan Indonesia Economic Partnership Agreement

The Japan-Indonesia Economic Partnership Agreement specifies the details of tariff concessions in Annex 1. The categories for concession such as immediate tariff elimination, gradual tariff elimination or reduction, tariff quota for Japan are prescribed in the "General Notes" of Part 1 of Annex 1 (Reference 1). Also, the detailed schedule for Japan on repeat consultations, tariff quota and elimination of unequal tariff, etc., is prescribed in "Notes for Schedule of Japan" in Section1 Part 2, Appendix I (Reference 2).

(Reference 1: General Notes)
Table 4 columnDescriptionNotes
ATariff elimination on the date of EPA enforcementItems for immediate tariff elimination
BnUniform tariff reduction on a yearly basis in “n+1” phases from the base rateItems for tariff reduction & elimination in phases
First reduction: The date of EPA enforcement
Subsequent reduction: April 1 of each year
PTariff reduction under conditions specified in the Notes in the 5th columnItems for tariff reduction in phases
(Examples: Waffles & wafers)
QEstablishment of tariff quotaItems with tariff quota
(Examples: Fresh bananas, fresh pineapple (less than 900g) & sorbitol)
RNegotiate on tariff commitment after a period of time following EPA enforcementItems for renegotiation (Example: Laminated boards, etc.)
XExcluded from any commitmentExemption items (Examples: Wheat, processed wheat products, marine IQ products, etc.)
(Reference 2: Notes for Schedule of Japan)
Table 5 columnDescription
1Date of renegotiation (fifth year after EPA enforcement) ⇒ Tuna, bonito, etc.
2Tariff quota requirements (quota: 1,000 tons in first through fifth years; quota: duty free) ⇒ Fresh bananas
3Tariff quota requirements (quota: 100 tons in first → 300 tons in fifth year; quota: duty free) ⇒ Fresh pineapple (less than 900g)
4Date of renegotiation (fourth year after EPA enforcement) ⇒ Laminated boards, etc.
5Tariff reduction (15.0% → 13.0%) every year for six years ⇒ Waffles and wafers
6Tariff quota requirements (quota: 25,000 times per year for first through fifth years; tariff rate for quota: 3.4%): Tariff rate for imported goods exceeding the tariff quota to be reduced uniformly every year for eight years from 17% to 12% ⇒ Sorbitol

Provisions regarding tariff concessions between Japan and Indonesia

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