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7106 Import of Animals and Plants Carried in as Baggage (Animal Quarantine and Plant Quarantine)

  Plants and animals brought into Japan shall be subject to procedures to confirm that neither pathogenic fungi nor harmful insects are attached thereto and that the plants and animals can cause no harm to Japanese animals and plants. Therefore, plants and animals must be presented to the plant or animal quarantine counter for quarantine inspection prior to Customs examination.

  For example, the category of plants includes the soil attached to roots as well as fruits, such as pineapples and oranges, cut flowers, vegetables, and rice.

  On the other hand, animals include raw meats, dried meats, ham, sausages, and the like.

  In addition, for the purpose of protecting wild plants and animals in compliance with the provisions in the Washington Convention (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), plants, animals, and processed goods such as fur, stuffed animals, and Chinese medicine, and many others are subject to restriction.

  Please refer to the “Brochure for Travelers Abroad” for details. Medicine, cosmetics, etc. Code# 9004, Animal quarantine Code# 9005, Plant quarantine Code# 9006, Washington Convention Code# 9007

(Article 70 of Customs Law, General Notification 70-3-1 of Customs Law, Article 7 of Plant Protection Law, Article 36 of Domestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control Law, and Articles 4 and 9 of Import Trade Control Ordinance)



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