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1523 Disclosure of Advance Ruling on Rules of Origin (FAQ)

Importers are required to indicate the origin of the goods in an import declaration.

As a basis for determination of origin, rules of origin are stipulated in Customs-related laws and regulations for GSP (Generalized System for Preferences), and non-preferential purposes. For Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs), each agreement provides its rules of origin.

In order to enhance transparency and predictability for importers, Japan Customs discloses the advance rulings on origin which have been issued in writing. The information is available on the Japan Customs website and at the Customs offices.(Please refer to the following page (available in Japanese only): )

As a general rule, an advance ruling issued in writing would be disclosed. Applicants for advance rulings may request a postponement of disclosure for a maximum period of 180 days.


List of Telephone Numbers and Email Addresses
for Advance Ruling on Origin

Hakodate Customs

Tel. 0138-40-4255

Tokyo Customs

Tel. 03-3599-6527

Yokohama Customs

Tel. 045-212-6174

Nagoya Customs

Tel. 052-654-4205

Osaka Customs

Tel. 06-6576-3196

Kobe Customs

Tel. 078-333-3097

Moji Customs

Tel. 050-3530-8369

Nagasaki Customs

Tel. 095-828-8801

Okinawa Regional Customs

Tel. 098-862-8692

For consultations on customs procedures, please contact the nearest Customs Counselor.
Please see No. 9301 for inquiries.