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1503 Major products preferential tariff is applied to (FAQ)

  Japan’s GSP scheme for agricultural/fishery products and that for industrial products are prepared separately, taking the difference in the respective industrial structure into account.

  The “positive list scheme” is applied to agricultural/fishery products. The scheme allows only specific selected items to be eligible for the preferential treatment, and the respective preferential rates are set on the items under the scheme.

  Major preference-given agricultural/fishery products are as follows; octopus (5%), matsutake mushrooms (duty free), dried bamboo shoots (7.5%) and spices (duty free) etc.

  The "negative list scheme" is applied to industrial products. Under the scheme, the preferential treatment is given to all items in principle, with some exceptions (leather clothing, footwear, etc.), and the preferential rates of these items are basically free.

  Major preference-given industrial items are as follows;  paper products, ceramic articles, and steel products.  Some items such as handkerchiefs and carpets are designated as dutiable.

  Besides, products originating  from LDCs under the special preferential treatment for LDCs shall be all free from customs duties.(See code# 1508 "Expanded Duty-Free, Quota-Free Market Access to from LDCs (Summary) ")

(Article 8-2 of the Temporary Tariff Measures Law)

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