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1205 Inquiries on Tariff Classification and Rate of Imported Goods Using E-mail, etc. (FAQ)

 The Advance Classification Ruling system allows importers to verify tariff codes and tariff rates for the imported goods with customs office and receive a response beforehand. The information is currently provided in four ways: written response, oral response, by e-mail or by using Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System (hereinafter referred as NACCS).


In the case of e-mail inquiries, an applicant should go to the “Advance Classification Ruling using E-mail, etc.” page of the website, fill in the "Inquiry Form for Advance Notice", and send it to the e-mail address of the relevant customs office.

※An inquiry by e-mail is, in principle, treated as opinions for reference like verbal prior instructions; however, the customs office recommends making an inquiry in writing or by Sea-NACCS for the sake of accuracy.
An inquiry by e-mail which satisfies certain requirements can be treated the same as inquiry by writing.


In the case of NACCS, please take counsel with Customs in advance. Please note that the introduction of the system must be completed in advance.

※An inquiry by NACCS is granted the same validity as an inquiry in writing.

 Inquiries should in general be made to the customs office holding jurisdiction over the scheduled port of entry of the said cargo, if known beforehand. Otherwise, please inquire the customs office holding jurisdiction over the location where you reside.
 In the case of confidential information pertaining to production process or composition of ingredients or if data are too heavy to download through the internet, such as sending still or animated images, please make an inquiry in writing, since it may exceed the maximum capacity of the system, etc. No response can be made to inquiries about fictitious products or to those that go against the intentions of prior instruction.

 Please refer to Code No. 1202 “Advance Ruling on Tariff Classification” for Advance Ruling on Tariff Classification and inquires in writing.

 The e-mail address of each customs

(Note) Please note that the above addresses are not e-mail addresses for inquires on advance classification ruling, they are listed on the “Inquiry on Tariff Code and Tariff Rate” page or “Advance Classification Ruling” page of the website.

For consultations on customs procedures, please contact the nearest Customs Counselor.
Please see No. 9301 for inquiries.