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1112 Customs Inspection on Imported Goods (FAQ)

  Any person intending to import the goods must declare them to the Director-General of Customs and obtain an import permit after the inspection of the goods if necessary.

  Customs inspection is carried out to prevent the inflow of the goods which will negatively affect society, maintain trading order, and ensure appropriate collection of customs duties, etc.

  The specific purpose of the customs inspection is to make sure the declaration matches with the actual goods, from the following perspectives;
(1) To make sure no illegal goods are imported: for example, illicit drugs and firearms which have a negative effect on society, and goods infringing intellectual property rights;
(2) To make sure necessary permit and approval based on various domestic laws and regulations are received if the goods require a permit and approval under laws and regulations other than the Customs Law;
(3) To make sure the origin of goods is not falsely or mistakenly indicated; and
(4) To make sure duty payment is declared appropriately.
  Recently, the ratio of arrested person of stimulants-related crime to narcotics-related crime is about 80%. Under the situation, the stimulants-related crime is still central issue. Furthermore the gun-related crimes involving innocent citizens are occurred. It means the importance to interdict goods with a negative affect on society at the border is increasing.

  The customs inspections are necessary in order to meet such social needs. The Customs Office makes concerted efforts to not prevent smooth international logistics. Therefore, we ask your understanding regarding the purpose of the customs inspections and your support for the effective and efficient inspections.

(Article 67 of the Customs Law)

【Witnessing the Inspection】
 An inspection observer must be present during customs inspections of imported goods.

【Cost of Cargo Inspection】
 When importing goods from a foreign country, it is necessary to file an import (tax) declaration with the customs office, undergo the necessary inspections, pay customs duties, domestic consumption tax and local consumption tax as necessary, and get import permission.
 If the inspection is to be conducted at a location designated by the Director General of Customs, there is no fee or other charge to be paid to Customs. If the inspection is to be conducted at a place other than the place designated by the Director General of Customs, please note that you will need to get permission from the Director General of Customs(in this case, you will be required to pay the permission fee for inspection outside the designated place to Customs).
 (Article 69, Paragraph 2 of the Customs Law)
*The importer will make the necessary arrangements and bear the costs for the transportation of the cargo to the inspection location and the unpacking and repacking of the cargo necessary for the inspection.


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