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5001 Outline of Export Clearance (FAQ)

  The exporter of goods must declare the export to the Customs. An export permit must also be obtained after the necessary physical examination of the goods.
  Exportes are able to make export declaration before the goods are brought into the hozei area. On the other hand, in general, exporters will receive an export permit generally after the goods are brought into the hozei area.
  The hozei area is the place designated by the Ministry of Finance and approved by the Director-General of the Customs as an area to place cargoes arriving from overseas. The exporter of goods or the customhouse broker delegated by the exporter declares the export to the Customs, in general, having jurisdiction over the zone of hozei area etc which the goods declared to acquire the permission for export are brought into.
  This declaration is accompanied by supporting documents such as invoices and, if required by Japanese laws and regulations other than the Customs Law (hereinafter referred to as the “Other Laws and Regulation”) by other documents, i.e. permits, approvals or licenses.


(Article 67, Paragraph 2 of Article 67, and Article 70 of the Customs Law)

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