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AreaCalendar Year DataFiscal Year DataMonthly Data
Before 2018 : FixedBefore 2017 : Fixed
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    Before 2018 : Fixed
    Before 2019/1: Detailed
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    Before 2018 : Fixed
    Before 2019/1: Provisional
World(Value of Exports and Imports)World Year Data(HTML)
World Year Data(CSV)
World Fiscal Year DataWorld Monthly Data
Geographic AreaAsiaAsia Year DataAsia Fiscal Year DataAsia Monthly Data
OceaniaOceania Year DataOceania Fiscal Year DataOceania Monthly Data
North AmericaNorth America Year DataNorth America Fiscal Year DataNorth America Monthly Data
Middle and South AmericaMiddle and South America Year DataMiddle and South America Fiscal Year DataMiddle and South America Monthly Data
Western EuropeWestern Europe Year DataWestern Europe Fiscal Year DataWestern Europe Monthly Data
Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, etc.Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, etc. Year DataCentral and Eastern Europe, Russia, etc. Fiscal Year DataCentral and Eastern Europe, Russia, etc. Monthly Data
Middle EastMiddle East Year DataMiddle East Fiscal Year DataMiddle East Monthly Data
AfricaAfrica Year DataAfrica Fiscal Year DataAfrica Monthly Data
Special AreaSpecial Area Year DataSpecial Area Fiscal Year DataSpecial Area Monthly Data
Economic AreaEUEU Year DataEU Fiscal Year DataEU Monthly Data
ASEANASEAN Year DataASEAN Fiscal Year DataASEAN Monthly Data


  1. Export and import data from 1979 
  2. CSV files
  3. Value Unit : JPY1000
  4. Data of an area include both the total value of the area and the value by individual member country of the area.
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