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9007 Pamphlet for Overseas Tourists (Plant Protection) (FAQ)

《Plant Quarantine Service》

  Plants quarantine services aims at protecting Japanese greenery and agriculture from the infiltration of quarantine pests from abroad.

  If pests ever enter Japanese territory they may cause irrecoverable damage.

  We ask for your cooperation in plant protection.

《Bringing Plants from Overseas》

  All plants and other related products are subject to plant quarantine.

  Plants are classified into the following two categories:

  • Import-banned items (cannot be brought into Japan)
  •   In order to prevent quarantine pests from entering into Japan, which could cause serious damage to crops, importation of plant pathogens, pests, and soils is prohibited.

  • Items subject to quarantine (can be brought into Japan after passing inspection)
  •   The plant items other than import-banned are inspected upon entry. The inspections include inspections to verify that no pests are present and to confirm the appropriate quarantine conditions.

《When Taking Plants Outside Japan》

  Plant quarantine is carried out in other countries, as in Japan. Various phytosanitary requirements of importing countries include Entry Prohibited, Entry Restricted, Inspection Required, Disinfections required, etc. For details, please contact the nearest Plant Protection Station.

Yokohama Plant Protection Station Tel: 045-211-7155
Sapporo Branch Tel: 011-852-1809
Shiogama Branch Tel: 022-362-6916
Niigata Branch Tel: 025-244-4401
Narita Branch (Narita Airport)  
1st PTB Tel: 0476-32-6694
2nd PTB Tel: 0476-34-2352
Haneda Airport Branch Tel: 03-5757-9790
Tokyo Branch Tel: 03-3599-1139
Nagoya Plant Protection Station Tel: 052-651-0114
Chubu Airport Branch Tel: 0569-38-8433
Fushiki-Toyama Branch Tel: 0766-44-0954
Shimizu Branch Tel: 054-352-3775
Kobe Plant Protection Station Tel: 078-331-2384
Kansai Airport Branch Tel: 072-455-1936
Osaka Branch Tel: 06-6571-0801
Hiroshima Branch Tel: 082-251-5881
Sakate Branch Tel: 0877-46-4108
Moji Plant Protection Station Tel: 093-321-2809
Fukuoka Branch Tel: 092-291-2504
Fukuoka Airport Branch Tel: 092-477-7575
Kagoshima Branch Tel: 099-222-1046
Kagoshima Airport Branch Tel: 0995-58-2428
Naze Branch Tel: 0997-52-0459
Naha Plant Protection Station Tel: 098-868-1679
Naha Airport Branch Tel: 098-857-0054

Website of the Plant Protection Station

For consultations on customs procedures, please contact the nearest Customs Counselor.
Please see No. 9301 for inquiries.