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2001 Articles prohibited from importation(FAQ)

  Articles prohibited from importation under the Customs Law include the following articles in twelve categories.
1.Narcotics, psychotropic drugs, cannabis, poppy straw and utensils for smoking stimulants or cannabis.
2.Designated Substances (excluding those to be imported for medical use, etc.)
3.Pistols, rifles, machine guns, cannons and their bullets and pistol parts.
5.Gunpowder, etc.
6.Specified substances prescribed in Paragraph 3, Article 2 of the Law on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and Control of Specific Substances
7.Class I pathogen prescribed in Paragraph 20, Article 6 of the Law of the Prevention of the Infectious Disease and the Medical Care for the Patient of the Infectious Disease and Class Ⅱ pathogen prescribed in Paragraph 21, Article 6 of the law
8.Counterfeited, altered or imitated coins, paper money, bank notes, revenue stamps, postal stamps and securities ; cards encoded with an unlawful electromagnetic record(including those materials)
9.Books, drawings, sculptures and other articles that are considered to injure public safety or morals
10.Child pornography
11.Articles which infringe patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights, copyrights, copyrights-related rights, circuit layout rights, or breeder’s rights.
12.Articles which constitute the unfair competition listed in items 1 through 3 or 10 through 12, Paragraph 1, Article 2 of the Unfair Competition Prevention Law (excluding those listed in items 1 through 5 , 7 or 8, Paragraph 1, Article 19 of the law)

    As for those articles listed in 1 through 8, 11 or 12, the Director-General of Customs may confiscate and discard them or order the importer to ship them back. (As for those articles supposed to be those listed in 11 or 12, the Director-General of Customs shall take the procedure of determining whether those articles actually fall under the category or not.)

  As for those articles considered to be those listed in 9 or 10, the Director-General of Customs shall inform the importer that his/her goods fall under the category.

  Besides the above-mentioned articles prohibited under the Customs Law, there are other prohibited articles under the Plant Protection Law or theDomestic Animal Infectious Diseases Control Law. Importers should know about this.

(Article 69-11 to 69-20 and Article 70 of the Customs Law)


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