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Japan candidate for Secretary General of the WCO

The Government of Japan has decided to propose Mr. Kunio MIKURIYA, currently Deputy Secretary General of the WCO, for the post of Secretary General of the WCO, which would be chosen at its election in June 2008.
Press Release (2007/11/30)

Nomination of Mr. Mikuriya

Recommendation from Prime Minister of Japan, Yasuo Fukuda (PDF 629KB)

"I am confident that Mr.Mikuriya will further improve the quality of the WCO's activities and thus benefit its Members."


 About the WCO

  • The World Customs Organization (WCO) is an international organization that aims to promote harmonization and unification of customs procedures and international cooperation of customs.     Link (WCO website)
     Professional Experience

  • Mr. Mikuriya has demonstrated expertise in the management of international organizations, and possesses extensive experience and knowledge not only in customs and trade, but also economics, public finance, financial markets, and overseas aid.     CV (pdf:21.3KB)
  •  Campaign Brochure

  • His campaign brochure consists of some of key elements for WCO's reform including: new management structure, member-oriented approach in capacity building, and technical excellence in customs matters.


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