Trade Statistics


Value of Exports and Imports Nov.2006
(First 10 Days Provisional)


Total(Census,not seasonally adjusted)

(Unit:Millions of YEN,%)

  Nov.2006 Nov.2005 Percent Change
Exports 2,237,641 1,895,648 18.0
Imports 2,047,852 1,841,913 11.2
Balance 189,789 53,735 253.2


  1. The value of exports is based upon the F.O.B. value, while the value of imports is based upon the C.I.F. value. (The value of goods, which was imported by the Simplified Declaration Procedure, but not declared for duty payment yet, is based upon the value submitted at the declaration for release of goods.)
  2. Statistical timing - Exports : Entry is made in the month within which falls the date when a ship or aircraft loading the goods concerned leaves a Japanese port. - Imports : Entry is made in the month within which falls the date of the import permit.
  3. "Percent Change" means "Percent Change from the same term in the preceding year."

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