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Products information

The postal matter addressed to you is temporarily being held at Japan Post Co.,Ltd. Tokyo International Branch because the constituents, composition, or the nature of the goods is unknown. 


Some items may require a permit or approval under the provisions of relevant laws and regulations.  Following information about your products is requested for Customs clearance.


-Composition of material   






-Manufacturing method






If you have imported the same products and paid Customs duty and internal taxes, please inform us of the 9-digit notice number found on the front of “Notice of Assessment of Duties and Internal taxes for Postal Matters”, or the 9-digit tariff code.  Please fill in and mail the returnable post card (located at the bottom of the arrival notice) with your name, address and telephone number (where you can be reached between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays) and mail it with all the necessary information we have requested above.  If you have a product catalog, please submit it as well.


Import License


Pharmaceutical Affairs Law


Pharmaceutical Affairs Law for Animals


Food Sanitation Law


Law Concerning Screening of Chemical Substances Regulation of their Manufacture, etc.