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Reduction and Exemption for Re-exportation

The postal matter addressed to you is temporarily being held at Japan Post Co.,Ltd. Tokyo International Branch because we want to confirm if you want to apply for exemption or reduction for re-exportation within fixed periods.


Reduction or exemption of Customs duty involves exemption from part or all of Customs duty chargeable on imported goods that conform to certain conditions provided for by law or regulation.  However, not all the postal matters are always eligible for this system. So, please notify the Customs office if you wish to apply for exemption or reduction or not.


See below how to comply with Customs.


If your item is eligible for reduction of, or exemption from duties and internal taxes

Please come to Tokyo Branch Customs for Overseas Mail with your arrival notice and follow the clearance procedure.  When you come, please bring the necessary documents such as photographs, drawings or other relevant data to identify the postal matters at the time of re-exportation.  If you take a picture and draw up an application form for reduction or exemption about your postal items, please prepare necessary instruments (e.g. a camera) by yourself.  As for the detail of the necessary documents, please confirm with Customs before you visit our office.


If your not sure whether the postal item is eligible for reduction of, or exemption from duties and internal

Please explain to Customs about the detail of your postal matter.Incase your postal parcel is not qualified for reduction or exemption,the tariff rate will be the general rate