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Temporary Exportation of Goods for Outward Processing

The postal matter addressed to you is temporarily being held at Japan Post Co.,Ltd. Tokyo International Branch.  For the clearance of your parcel, it is necessary to check if you had lodged declaration for reduction of duties and internal taxes prior to temporary exportation of the goods for outward processing.  If you had lodged the above-mentioned declaration prior to the temporary exportation and the item were re-imported within the fixed time limit, the item would be subject to reduction of Customs duties and internal taxes at importation.  Please inform Customs whether you conducted the above-mentioned procedure at exportation.


If you applied for the reduction of duties and internal taxes:


Please bring the ‘Notice of Customs Clearance Procedure for Postal Matters from Abroad’, invoice, contract, and the “Customs Form T-1050” (click here for the sample of T-1050) which was granted at exportation, with you to Tokyo Branch Customs Office for Overseas Mail for the Customs clearance of the item.


If you did not apply for the reduction of duties and internal taxes:


Please fill in and mail the returnable post card (located at the bottom of the arrival notice) with your name, address, and telephone number (where you can be reached between the hours of 9am to 5pm on weekdays) and write clearly that you did not carry out the formalities for the reduction of duties and internal taxes for temporary exportation for processing or repair of goods.