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The Mission of Customs

 Customs has three fundamental missions in its goal to maintain legitimate trade and ensure the sound development of society in a globalized economy requiring advanced distribution.

Ensuring people's Security and Safety

 In order to secure people's security and safety and maintain economic and social order in Japan, Japan Customs has as one of its top priorities the mission of blocking the inflow of illegal goods at the border, including illicit drugs such as methamphetamine and cannabis, firearms threatening the security and safety of people's lives, as well as goods infringing upon intellectual property rights and forged credit cards which impede the sound development of the economy. Customs agents actively carry out various controlling measures to accomplish this mission.


Collecting Appropriate and Fair Duties and Taxes

 Customs collects duties and domestic consumption taxes on imported cargoes. These duties and consumption taxes totaled about 5 trillion yen in fiscal year 2010, or around 10% of the total national tax revenue. Customs makes sure that duties and taxes are collected in an appropriate and fair manner.


Facilitating Trade Procedures

 Amidst the higher volume of global trade and the growing importance of supply chain management, a major task in international distribution in the 21st century is to simultaneously ensure the security and facilitation of trade. Customs is striving to build an AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) program consistent with international standards, and is aiming to ensure the security and facilitation of international trade by building partnerships with private enterprises.