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Clearance of Import/Export goods

Entry Processing (Import/Export)

 Anyone who exports or imports goods is required to make a declaration to Customs and to obtain customs permission. Generally, this procedure is called a customs clearance procedure.
Upon entry, customs officers check documents, and inspect goods if necessary.
We not only inspect the appearance of goods, but depending on their nature, we also conduct a scientific analysis to determine the chemical composition or elements of goods, using the latest equipment.


Mail Processing

 Anyone who imports or exports goods by international mail is required to follow customs clearance procedure. However, the procedure differs depending on the total value of the goods.
If the total value is more than 200,000 yen, an importer or an exporter is required to make an import or export declaration and obtain customs permission in principle.
If the total value is 200,000 yen or less, there is no need to make a declaration to Customs, but Customs may make an inspection, if necessary.
As for import, some items are dutiable depending on their nature.


Passenger Processing

 Travelers' baggage is also subject to customs clearance procedures, which are simplified, compared to those of commercial cargoes.
Travelers can import certain amounts of goods without paying duties.
Duty-free allowance for travelers is set by the value or quantity of goods.