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Drug Detector Dog

What are drug detector dogs?

detector dogs have a sense of smell far stronger than that of humans and a tendency to attack, obtain and possess prey. For these characteristics, they can detect even a slight odor of narcotic drugs.

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How does a drug detector dog learn an odor of a drug?

A customs officer called a handler trains a dog for drug detection by playing with him using a "dummy" (a tightly rolled towel with a drug odor). By repeating this training, the dog gradually associates the odor of a drug with the dummy and with the the playing. Accordingly, the drug detector dog tries to detect a drug odor of a drug because they want to play with a handler using a dummy.

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What kinds of characteristics are required for a detector dog?

  • Strong interest in moving objects
  • Tendency to retrieve thrown things
  • Strong desire to possess what they retrieve
  • Familiar with people
  • Energetic and aggressive
  • Obedient to people
Picture:I love playing with a handler.
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