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The history of Hakodate Customs dates back to 1854.
National isolation was dissolved by Perry, Commadore of the American Navy, in 1854.
Hakodate was specified as a port to supply water and food to the American vessel by the Kanagawa Treaty. The groundwork for what developed into the Hakodate Customs was born at that time.
The predecessor of Hakodate Customs was "Hakodate Unjosho", which was established
in order to conduct diplomatic and trading affairs when the port of Hakodate was opened to international trade in June, 1859. In 1872, "Hakodate Unjosho" was redesignated as "Hakodate Customs".
Every year on November 28th, Japanese Customs celebrates "Customs Commemoration Day". This is the day when the "Unjosho" was renamed as "Customs" in 1872.
In recent years, the movement of people and articles has been increasing greatly as the internationalisation of Japan has taken place. In addition, the role of Customs as a front agency of border operations is becoming more and more important.
The affairs of Customs are wide; for example, collecting Customs duty, Customs clearance of export and import cargoes, preventing smuggling, and so on. These actions by Customs support sound trade.

Hakodate Customs

24-4 Kaigan-cyo, hakodate-shi,Hokkaido, 040-8561, Japan

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Flag of Customs

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Since Aug. 3, 1892
The blue section stands for Sea and sky.
The white section stands for land.
These are the areas that Customs are responsible for.